The mission of the Psychedelic Arts and Culture Trust (PACT) is to preserve and promote the past, present and future of psychedelic art culture.

Our purpose is to ignite creative sparks in all who visit  PACT—an innovative museum with gallery/exhibition and community engagement spaces located in Grass Valley, California. Past and contemporary art will be featured in the gallery exhibition area. The community engagement space is an interactive area adorned with inspiration that invites visitors to awaken their inner artists and express themselves through various forms of creative expression. Workshops, lectures, and collaborative events will be hosted regularly, encouraging guests to explore the power of psychedelic art as a catalyst for personal growth and healing.


Founder Brian Chambers brings three decades of experience with honoring, preserving, and promoting the legacy of psychedelic arts and culture as an art dealer, collector, visionary and curator. In 1995, inspired by 1960s psychedelic art, Chambers began collecting the artwork of Alex Grey, Rick Griffin, Ralph Steadman, Roger Dean, Salvador Dali and ephemera signed by Albert Hofmann, the Swiss chemist known for being the first to synthesize, ingest and learn of the psychedelic effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). In 2008, upon introduction to the work of artists Damon Soule, Mars-1 and Oliver Vernon, Chambers was captivated and imbued with a desire to broaden public awareness of the past and future of an emerging new art movement. Chambers has maintained long standing relationships with pioneering artists and sculptors.

In 2009, Chambers began an ongoing experimental project by commissioning a series of collaborations between a selected group of artists: Damon Soule, Mars-1, Oliver Vernon, David Choong Lee, Nome Edonna, Doze Green and Alex Grey. Over the next five years, under the moniker Furtherrr, the group mounted week-long collaborative performances, public murals, and workshops in New York, California, Arizona, Nevada and New Orleans, thus offering the vast public a look into the process of creativity and collaboration. The resulting expression of complexity was emerging and reshaping visual art and art history. Chamber recognized that these experiences were equivalent to stumbling upon the Beat Generation, or the Abstract Expressionist as they were forming as movements.

In 2021, The Chambers Project gallery opened in Grass Valley, California and is the world’s leading psychedelic art gallery representing the most influential contemporary artists in psychedelic culture. To broaden the impact, Chambers and colleagues decided to form a nonprofit organization, the Psychedelic Arts and Culture Trust.

Board of directors

Brian Chambers

PACT Founder, Gallery Owner, Curator, and Board Chair

Roger Dean

Artist, Designer, Publisher and Vice Chair

Eve Berry

Project Coordinator and Board Secretary

Richard Baker

Architect, Designer and Board Treasurer

Michael Pearce

Professor, Writer, Painter and Art Historian

Leah Plenge

Events Coordinator and PACT Co-founder

Sean Smokovich

Goldsmith, Jewelry Designer, Lapidary Artist

Gagan Levy

Founder of We Are Guru Creative Agency & MAHA Global; BOD of Ram Dass’ Love Serve Remember Foundation & Conscious Alliance

Jacaeber Kastor

Artist, Archivist, Philanthropist and Curator

Cody Sims, MS, PA-C

Owner/Director of Kensho Wellbeing Clinic







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