PACT invites you to explore a vibrant tapestry of programs and events that transcend time and perception. Immerse yourself in our Gallery and Exhibitions, where the first wing showcases iconic psychedelic art from the past, while the Visionary Artists Hall embraces the present’s daring talents. Join us on a transformative experience with Traveling Exhibitions, fostering connections and deeper understandings. Unveil the secrets of the psychedelic aesthetic through Workshops, Speakers, and Lectures, delving into its multi-dimensional forms and universal harmony. Don’t miss our annual international Psychedelic Arts and Culture Conference, where artists and enthusiasts unite for a celebration of creativity and consciousness.


Erik Davis & Mark Mccloud blotter book conference

Tuesday July 23rd, PACT is excited to host a one-of-a-kind conference on author Erik Davis’s new book “Blotter: The Untold Story of an Acid Medium.”

Wixarika Art Benefit Exhibition

Saturday May 4th, PACT is honored to host a benefit for the Wixáritari tribe of North Western Mexico, California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas.

Benefit Concert For Uncle Jay

Join us on Sunday April 7th at The Chambers Project for a very special concert to support our friend and fellow Nevada County resident, Uncle Jay.

Godfathers Exhibition

The Chambers Project Proudly Presents Godfathers, An exploration into Psychedelic, Counterculture & Rock n Roll History. On display from March 9th- May 25th. 

Planned Programs & Activities

Gallery and Exhibitions

The museum’s first wing is dedicated to preserving psychedelic art from the past, featuring a breathtaking collection of iconic pieces from renowned artists who bravely pushed the boundaries of perception. Rotating exhibits feature intricate tapestries, iconic posters, hypnotic dreamscapes and mind-bending illustrations that defined an era of artistic exploration.

Beyond the nostalgic embrace of the past, the gallery continues to the Visionary Artists Hall, a vibrant space that celebrates contemporary talents who carry the torch of psychedelic artistry into the present. The walls proudly display an ever-changing selection of cutting-edge masterpieces, showcasing artists who dare to explore the depths of consciousness and the cosmic unknown.

Traveling Exhibitions

Through its traveling exhibitions, PACT strengthens connections with other museum and cultural organizations—and their communities and audiences everywhere—inspiring a deeper understanding of the impact of psychedelic arts and culture. Planned traveling exhibitions include the Ralph Steadman Exhibition and the Godfathers Show—Ralph Steadman (illustrator of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), Rick Griffin (leading designed of psychedelic rock concert posters of the 1960s) and Roger Dean (renowned artist of album covers and more).

Workshops, Speakers and Lectures

Educational workshops will be offered for both artists and members of the community. Speakers will lecture about various aspects of the history and practice of psychedelic arts and culture including psychedelic art therapy. Workshops will be offered to learn about the psychedelic aesthetic, which often conveys a universal harmony. The word psychedelic was invented in 1956. Since then it has gradually permeated daily life, spreading from arts to music, and penetrated sciences, fashion and has always belonged to fauna and flora. It is found in fashion and therapeutic work. The psychedelic aesthetic is characterized by multi-dimensional forms, vibrant details, flashing colors, and visual mysteries.


PACT will host an annual international Psychedelic Arts and Culture Conference. The conference will be designed to convene artists and aficionados of psychedelic arts and culture together to interact with and learn from contemporary psychedelic artists and learn about the history of the psychedelic arts and culture movement.

Community Events

PACT will host and partner with diverse groups and organizations to produce a variety of community events to engage the community. A monthly calendar of musical events, film screenings, demonstrations, collaborative art events, fundraisers and other community building activities will be offered and promoted.

Artist Training and Mentorship

PACT will offer opportunities for new and practicing artists to learn about psychedelic art from experienced psychedelic artists as mentors. Mentors provide unique insight and knowledge that cannot be found in a book and can provide a wealth of information and perspective on a career as an emerging artist. A psychedelic art mentor is someone further along the journey to mastery of their art form who is willing to guide by teaching, encouraging, and supporting the practice of psychedelic art. PACT will also provide opportunities for artists-in-residence onsite at PACT.

Outreach and art therapy

PACT will also take its mission beyond the physical walls by reaching out to communities and schools and promoting the healing potential of psychedelic art. Through outreach programs and partnerships, PACT seeks to provide art therapy to those who may benefit most, offering a means of transcending boundaries and fostering a sense of unity.

Research and Publications

From archival materials and ongoing research, PACT will develop a series of monographs on topics related to psychedelic arts and culture for publication. Publications will serve as a vehicle for preserving and educating about the legacy of psychedelic arts and culture, its heroes, and the influence on society.







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